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Need to Get Into Chapin for belongings


The person, Heather (Hedy) who was supposed to let me into Chapin is arriving much later than anticipated, and my father will only be around in the morning probably to help. Are any of you going to be around relatively early (8-9ish?) Sat.? I'm switching houses, but I have things in the trunk room. I was abroad last semester.

If you are, please leave a message or e-mail me with your ext. Thanks!
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I'll be moving back in on Saturday (woohoo, thank God), and I was wondering who has the trunk room key (the HCA or the HR)?

Also, do the new desks have printer stands?

See you all soon,
Heather F '06.

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Hi. I thought I'd introduce myself, 'cause I'm just all geeky like that. But my name is Hana, I'm from Philly, and I'll be a first year in room 314.
Yeah, I really don't have anything else to say right now.
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hi everyone! i'm Alicia and i'll be a first year in Chapin as well as Janel. I'm really excited about coming to Smith in just a few weeks, and also about getting into Chapin. it was my first choice! :) I have just a real quick question for the upperclasswomen here, if you could possibly give me a little help: I bought a t.v. to bring along with me to school. It's really not that big, it's a 20 inch. I was just curious if there would be enough room for me to bring a t.v. stand type thing to put it on? or is there not enough space in the room? where do you all keep your tv's? I'm in room 406 and any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance!



holla, I'm a proud firstyear chapinite.  but dear old chapin doesn't have an elevator.  my cousin, who's pretty excited about visiting me at smith sometime during the year, is in a wheelchair.  there isn't any way I'd be able to get him up to 318, right?  this is probably a stupid, pointless question but thought I'd at least try.

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yup, here it is folks, chapin's very own community. if it gets used, great, if not, thats fine too... i know there are quite a few of us on livejournal though, and it seems a waste not to use this fabulous forum as a way to chat, especially for the '08s who might have specific questions they/you dont want to ask on the open '08 board. so: go! post! communicate! or dont. your choice;)